Sedibeng Ster Sport was invited to a meeting where some of the owners of SAB League teams discussed writing the president of Safa Sedibeng a letter of disapproval. 

This comes after the SAB League was declared null and void by the Arbitration, which led to clubs from outside this region competing in the Provincial Play-offs. 

The owners of the SAB League teams informed Sedibeng Ster Sport that they would request administrative control over this region in a letter to the SAFA national headquarters.

“We have no choice but to write a letter of no confidence to Safa Sedibeng President Solly Mkhabela and his executive committee.  They demonstrated that they are not fit to run our football and we spent our hard cash the whole season for nothing. We are mobilising support from all the people who are involved in football in this region to come on board to fix this mess in our football. We will be also be engaging South African Masters and Legends Football Association (SAMLFA) for support. Sedibeng football needs a clean up to elect people who will take our football forward. However, we must accept that we made a big mistake to vote these people in power. They gave us a wrong impression that they were relevant people to take us forward. We have been misled but we will fix this as we are busy planning to write a letter of no confidence to Safa Sedibeng President and his committee,” said the clubs’ representatives.

The owners of the clubs informed Sedibeng Ster Sport that as a result of what happened, they will also demand a refund or not pay affiliation fees in the upcoming season. 

The teams have already contacted a few people who will take the place of the current Safa Sedibeng Regional Executive Committee, Sedibeng Ster Sport can also reveal.

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